The Adoption Program



  • Thousands of adorable infants and healthy children are available for adoption.
  • Most of the children live with foster families.
  • We will schedule your flights and arrange your accommodation to make your trip easier.
  • You will be greeted and escorted the entire time by our bilingual staff who will walk you through the adoption process.
  • Our adoption program service is among the best in Singapore

Baby Adoption, Procedure in Singapore:

Baby adoption in Singapore though is quite straight forward, but you need to meet and follow certain stringent rules and checks, before a child can be adopted.

This is to ensure that the genuine parties are involved.

. you need to attend a Pre-Adoption Briefing.

. a Home Study Report is required for Singaporeans or expatriates. 

. an expatriate need to obtain a letter of assurance from your Embassy that your country acknowledge and recognize the baby adoption in Singapore, and it will approved and granted citizenship to the baby once adoption is approved.

. after your Home Study Report is completed, Kid and Tot Adoption Agency will  commence the baby identification and matching process that matches your preference.

. arrangement for you to meet the baby and bonding with the baby.

. provide to you the family background of the baby and the medical report.

. You will only be committed to the adoption after you have satisfied the above.


Estimated timeline for each stage of the process:

. identification and matching of a baby: 1 month

. baby arriving to Singapore: within 3 months

. baby adoption order: 4 to 6 months

. Singapore citizenship application: within 2 months


 Kid and Tot Adoption Agency providing you:

  • Consultation on baby adoption procedure
  • Documentation of adoptive child and biological parents
  • Medical Health Examination and Screening of the baby by Singapore Paediatrician
  • Handle all administrative and legal documents

All required documents for submission to the Court of Singapore pertaining to the baby adoption will be prepared and done by us.