Mr & Mrs Goh



Sharin Tan


Hi Ronnie,


Please refer to testimonial below:

" We are very pleased to meet our son thru KAT (Kid & Tot) in less than a week.  We adopted him at the day he exactly turn 5 months.

Ronnie and Michael are the most comfortable people we've talked to about adoption and they won us over by their honesty, a sincere attitude and concern for the welfare of the babies in their care.

They are both efficient and well-informed of the relevant procedures.

Thank you KAT (Kid & Tot) for making our dream come true.  When we need help and guidance, you have been very patient and continued answering calls and returning messages.

We definitely will recommend anyone who is considering adoption to choose KAT (Kid & Tot) and we hope your agency can continue to help more couples like us to enjoy a joyful and fulfilling family life with new addition to our family. "


Thanks & Regards,

Sharin Tan



Cindy Yeow


Hi Ronnie

Please find below my testimonial for Kid & Tot Adoption:

Kid & Tot Adoption is the only agency that responses to my email requests on adoption.
As I was going through the adoption as a single parent, it was not easy to find support. Having no close friends or relatives with similar experience, I had to go through the arduous path myself till I happen to chance upon Kid & Tot Adoption website. I sent an email and got an immediate response the same night. I was lucky to have identified a baby girl from Indonesia for adoption and through the agency's help, I managed to have the child with me within 3.5 months. My girl is now coming close to 13 months and she is a healthy and happy baby. Kid & Tot followed through the whole process including identifying the ideal baby for me, visiting her in Jakarta before starting all the paperwork process as well as taking good care of the baby before she came to me. Without their guidance, I would be at a loss on this whole adoption process that is pretty lengthy. i would strongly recommend you Kid & Tot Adoption Agency because they are honest and efficient in providing accurate updates. Thank you once again Ronnie & Michael for the help.

Cindy Yeow



Tong Huey


Dear Ronnie

My Husband and I were admittedly feeling quite lost on how and where to start the next stage of our adoption journey after getting our Home Study Report done. Despite our initial apprehension, we decided to engage the help of an agent. I arranged to meet Ronnie whom I got to know through interviews of him in newspaper articles.

We had never looked back since then. Ronnie and his partner had been really patient to explain the process and procedures carefully to us. They were also with us at each stage of the process, guiding us through the mind boggling maze of administrative and legal proceedings.

They are always just a call away whenever we need their help.

My Husband and I are really thankful for Ronnie and his partner’s attentive and committed service. They have indeed helped us immensely in opening the door to another whole new enriching world for my little happy family.

Regards, Tong Huey



Sheryl Goh


Date: 11/11/2016 02:41 (GMT+08:00)
Subject: Testimonial

Hi Ronnie & Michael,

Hope this email finds you well.
Apologies for the delay in writing this testimonial. 

Earlier this year, we started planning for the adoption of our 2nd child. We combed through the internet and contacted 5 possible agencies.  We did this carefully because we had a pretty rough time 5 years ago with the previous agency when we were searching for our first child. Those months of stress & anxiety, we will never forget. 
Hence, it was a top priority of ours to find an honest, reliable and transparent agency, with agents that are approachable, communicative and respectful, as it will involve months of cooperation.  

We decided to try out Kid & Tot Agency, after finding them prompt and polite with their replies to our phone calls and messages.  Over time, they proved to be the ideal choice.  They have never been pushy during decision-making moments, which we are grateful for.  They were very obliging to our needs when we traveled with them to visit the baby.  Administratively,  the required documents were always promptly prepared, collected or delivered by them.  They always made sure we knew what was to be expected and pre-empted us to prepare the necessary.  From this, one can tell that they are very experienced with the whole adoption process.  The fee quoted remained the same throughout and their payment schedule is clear.  Again we are thankful, because the previous agency re-adjusted the fee upwards twice, as the procedure went along. 

We would not hesitate in recommending Kid & Tot Agency to couples who are planning to adopt a child.  They have definitely swung the experience around for us, in a positive way!  
We wish Kid & Tot Agency All The Best in their future endeavours!

Yours sincerely,

Sheryl Goh